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Member Capitalism: Private Cooperative Currency (PCC)


Patent application specifies a payment process, or debit system, that creates a single global currency used to exchange value between voters and consumers worldwide in support of world peace. Political capital creation is established within this “2:6:8” decimal correlation.


“Make Everyone Great Again” (MEGAvoters) registration becomes a payment process that practices a new form of political fundraising centered upon cooperative ownership with cash back incentives and rewards. Members become stakeholders through “#voter spending” methods. This political fundraising cooperative concept develops a “one share/one vote” global treasury.
Inherent within this treasury concept is a reinvoicing process similar in nature to both Bank of International Settlements ( applied IMF world currency SDR “currency basket” formula and Edge Corporation (FRB Section 25a banking) treasury function(s). This is a single purpose platform for creating a private cooperative currency (PCC) for “member capitalists” or YAM’ers.

Private Cooperative Currency (PCC)

Private Cooperative Currency (PCC) has five (5) main components. Treasury and economic components require group participation. The civic and social duties of voting and paying taxes remain individual responsibilities. Movement managed by constitutional consensus. Combined these components make up the structure or foundation for our PCC. Here are the main components:

  1. Treasury function (30% fractional-reserve system with derivatives)
  2. Economic Principles (cooperative versus corporate debt system)
  3. Predictive Voting (consensus and management protocols)
  4. Paying Taxes (civic responsibilities)
  5. Voter Spending (social responsibilities)
This is a finite or limited approach for demonstrating a new form of capitalism that places private ownership into the hands of 30-member “Patron nodes”. This is a “multi-node” political networking system that sponsors world peace initiatives through #voterspending. Key to this spending is the ability to create a public distributed ledger technologies (DLT) environment that harnesses the power of Patron Organizing Communities (POC) celebrating annual group hug activities every August.
Delivering a distributed ledger technologies (DLT) treasury platform is required to ensure transparency, security, valuation, and exchange of YAM based patronage dividends inside an encapsulated system of economics. Hedera Hashgraph utilizing a “gossip about gossip” protocol, or similar, is the DLT platform of choice. This becomes a shared resource or limited cooperative association mindset.
Patronage requires a monthly contribution along with QRTiger v-card, or similar, unique identifier as a profile. Individual member capital contributions are capped at $360 per year. One stakeholder share is provided with patronage. No patron can own more than one share other than through inheritance. Inheritance is structured upon a ten (10) year renewable lifetime period. On 12/31/2030 this original MEGAvoter term life membership expires.
Stakeholders are organized into 30-member groups defined under disciplines, roles, initiatives, political matrix, and fiat currency (for the purpose of individual tax) parameters. Rewards and incentives, or YAM, are pegged upon a 21,000 to $1 USD patronage ratio. Movement of goods and services provide YAM based rewards and incentives reported as 1099 PATR and 1099-K forms for tax earning purposes.
YAM establishes the same ecosystem as bitcoin established with 21 million bitcoin shares of valuation. YAM patron resource is based strictly upon world population. Patronage is valued at a core 21,000:1 USD value. There is a 1 YAM = 100 satoshi value correlated but not established. YAM becomes a 6-digital decimal value while bitcoin remains an 8-digit decimal value under a 2-digit decimal USD system. Expressed as a “2:6:8” “USD: YAM: BTC” decimal correlation. Patronage (PCC) exists within this correlation or algorithm.
PayPal/Venmo services, or similar money transmitter, accepts all POC contributions and considerations. POC Patron activation begins with MEGA hat delivery and acceptance. Annual “group hug event for world peace” participation required for vesting purposes.

Demand Center

Uniforms are issued on a “pre-order basis” to create demand for YAM-based rewards and incentives through “#voterspending”. Political capital formation enables expanded growth and prosperity for voters and consumers. PCC becomes a global treasury for world peace initiatives based upon a Private Cooperative Currency (PCC) foundation or legacy algorithm.
Vesting begins with endorsing the patent application being processed currently. Cash back rewards and incentives (YAM) deemed patronage begins with receipt and acceptance of a MEGAvoter Captain hat that looks like this:

Endorse PCC patent application:

Only 15,000 MEGA Patron hats are available. Captain’s Challenge designates top 500 political poll takers as leaders of our MEGAvoter fundraising organization. Redemption Day, September 01, 2024 carries the deadline of August 11, 2024 for Captain applicants. Pledge now, my captain.

Sponsor #voterspending :

$.30     “YAM-is-On” Proof of Delivery Sticker (product and service)

$12      Group Hug Participant (service)

$12      Détente 2.0 Pins (product)

$30      Patron Monthly Subscription (service)

$30      Peace Movement Uniform (product)

$360    Patron Annual Pledge (service)

“YAM Trading Stickers” are “proof of delivery” for any political fundraising merchandise or services received. Only registered MEGAvoters can participate. Our YAM-based 6-decimal digit “#voterspending” economy thrives and prospers this way.
Patron (YAM’er) social media credentials, or “cred”, become an individual resource for the creation of political capital.  Likes and followers increase valuation based upon both social and political individual influence. Therefore, the quality of our “dough” begins with this “All-Purpose” social media value, or “Cookie Jar Economy”, in mind. This becomes one credible edible cookie.
Patrons pledge an annual $360 USD to support our “Détente 2.0” world peace movement. Group benefits start with individual voting rights under a “Your Voice, Your Choice” platform. Redemption Day, September 1st, delivers annual YAM cash back benefits statements and rewards.
Private Cooperative Currency (PCC) funds all spending based upon our political polls or consensus. Spending returns a 7% cash back and 3% distributor earnings for Patrons supporting world peace. #Voterspending becomes our enterprise.
Issuing YAM debit QR codes to Patrons that endorse “pre-order” spending. Just like a personal credit line, the more you “pre-order” the more debit value you earn. “Spend money to make money” becomes a reality starting at 7%. This is the foundation for political capital formation. Your spending earns rewards and incentives, this is how it works with YAM creating a #voterspending cooperative community. Spending and savings in micro-pennies create assets.
Global economy spending Trillions of dollars? Now, Patrons earning Quadrillions of YAM makes more “cents”. Détente 2.0 begins. Let’s “Make Everyone Great Again” (MEGA) voters. #Voterspending.

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Launch Review:

Make Everyone Great Again (MEGA) is a political fundraising organization registered in Gwinnett County, Georgia on April 01, 2021. MEGA organizes and conducts Libertarian Annual United Group Hug (L.A.U.G.H.) events worldwide. It is a bastion of world peace, a Peace Pentagon.

Concept is to recruit Libertarian voters by asking if they would join a group hug for world peace this coming August. As a sign of things to come, those who join us at any LAUGH event will learn how money works by earning a 7% cash back political fundraising (spending) reward.

Considered “#Voterspending” becomes a thing by YAM Trading redemption on September 1, 2024. We are issuing an annual 7% cash back reward (YAM) each month to registered voters. Annual YAM Trading redemption occurs on September 01st each year.

MEGAvoter (Pioneer) membership pre-order delivers a ($57) YAM Trading reward. This ($57) value is issued as unfunded. When a t-shirt, FAITH (2) pins, and Yam Trading (10) stickers arrive, these items are accepted by 2-scan process. YAM Trading becomes funded with this actual exchange.

Each Patron membership pre-order receives a MEGA membership hat, t-shirt, FAITH (2) pins, and YAM Trading (10) stickers with stakeholder rights. The $417 value is issued as unfunded. Acceptance and settlement is accomplished with YAM Trading sticker 2-scan process. YAM Trading becomes funded with this actual exchange.

“Cash on Delivery” via Venmo/PayPal gateway must be established. The maximum “pre-order” prior to August 31st for any member will be $417. Members purchase a LAUGH uniform delivered on the day of the event in August. Maximum of 15,000 Patrons are inducted as founders. They will be our MEGAcoaches wearing hats. They will begin @Gracebook YAM Trading adventure.

The only increase in “capital” YAM Trading ($417) value prior to August 31st will be $13.20 for each Patron membership “pre-order” sponsored. This referral bonus will be bestowed on September 01, 2024.

“Smartphone” economy that demonstrates Cookie Jar E-kidnomics requires every MEGAvoter Fan and Poll Work Influencer to create a unique ID or QR Tiger dynamic v-card. Scroll down to Register for a free account to begin making cookie dough. Provide your short-URL to your membership profile.