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Half-Dozen “Forget-Me-Nots”

Forgiveness Policy: Disaster Capitalism Explained

I forgive everyone if there was 0% chance of an intention to harm or be selfish. Things just happen, and your being devastated means everything. Let’s deal with this mess together.

Vessels of Money: YAM’ers

Understanding the control that you have to move money in and out of an exchange vessel is easier than you can imagine.

“Brain Fart” Explained

Not recognizing the F.A.I.T.H. pin on a MEGA Patron hat, and honoring their Patron request. Considered bad F.A.I.T.H.

Retail Arbitrage at Work

FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) program brings new opportunities for building political fundraising as capital. Your Voice, Your Choice takes hold.

How Money Works

“Your Assets Move” (YAM) involves having voters as consumers take control of their consumer spending. Allocating resources for funding Détente 2.0 world peace initiatives.

Self-Insurance Policy

Putting more money into a bank than you borrow is the key to creating assets. Organizing into a system of (5) Members Coaches and their 25 buyers allows for the allocation of profit to be 50% buyer, 40% disaster relief, 10% enterprise ratios for this buying group. “Have you been injured in an accident” changes to “let’s privately fix this mess” mindset. Assured and funded by the buying group within each member participates. Pledge 40% of your group fundraising efforts to resolve the issues without insurance.

“Smartphone” economy that demonstrates Cookie Jar E-kidnomics requires every MEGAvoter Fan and Poll Work Influencer to create a unique ID or QR Tiger dynamic v-card. Scroll down to Register for a free account to begin making cookie dough. Provide your short-URL to your membership profile.