YAM Sessions

How Money & Politics are Trivia Pursuits

YAM defined: Political Capital Your Voice. Your Choice.

Attend (4) local YAM Sessions and receive double your money back if you do not learn how money and politics really work. Poll Takers survey and invite others to join YAM Sessions. Survey results become facts used in political and financial trivia contests. WeeklyYAM rewards ($100).

Let’s begin the session by providing an incentive for each fundraising dollar spent as a consumer. Your first purchase is a $1 monthly Poll Taker subscription. You receive a 7% rebate. All Poll Takers earn 3% for collecting dues. Annual cashback rewards issued September 1st each year.

Make Everyone Great Again (MEGA) is a political fundraising organization registered in Gwinnett County. The purpose of the organization is to demonstrate how money and politics really work. Call it, “creating political capital”. Mirroring our financial system through “consumer demand” with Small Street Applied (SSA) principles of banking and finance.

Producing a 10-year Renewable Currency
for Consumers

Small Street Applied (SSA) involves creating “consumer demand” for the return of profits from purchases to be allocated by a team (30) of political campaign workers, or Poll Takers. Surveys of the community Top 10 Political Issues become the starting point for YAM Sessions.

Centered around gathering at local community centers, breweries, wineries, and coffee shops. YAM’ers are those willing to accept Venmo or CashApp distribution of money between members. Collecting and distributing rewards (YAM) that demonstrates how money really works. “Your Assets Move” (YAM) becomes the yeast used in creating cookie dough.

Cookie dough is the outcome of local YAM Sessions. Political fundraising provides a twist as voters and consumers (not politicians and corporations) control campaign funds. Cookie dough delivers surprising facts about a new “Cookie Jar Economy” that becomes a Trivia Pursuit.

Scan the QR code to begin the session. Take the Top 10 Political Issues poll. Register for your unique “Poll Taker” ID. Begin your monthly $1 subscription.

Trivia questions and answers will involve the movement of goods and services within our Cookie Jar Economy. Every Poll Taker receives a “talking point” color designation. YAM Sessions

Cookie Jar Economy

Smartphones have taken the world by storm. We gain most of our greatest social and economic insights through these devices. We are lost without GPS.

Let’s turn our smartphones into a “Cookie Jar” for political fundraising. We survey others promising to show them how money and politics really work in (4) weekly YAM Sessions.

Again, there is a $1 monthly subscription service required to participate. Double your money back guarantee.

YAM'ers Uniforms

All political fundraising revenues provide for a means of implementing disaster capitalism. “Gone-Defi (Gandi-fi)” allows for non-violence pact among members. Cash settlements are considered patronage dividends. Patrons are those MEGAvoters who have completed (4) local YAM Sessions and received a membership hat. Patrons may purchase campaign uniforms. YAM proceeds earned with each purchase.

Patron Memberships

Registered Poll Takers may apply for Patron (YAM’ers) Membership after attending a minimum of (4) local YAM Sessions. Those accepted receive a membership hat along with stakeholder benefits. Patrons are placed on 30-member political campaign teams.

All participants are asked to have either a CashApp or Venmo account open. YAM Sessions rewards are provided through these accounts on the first day each month.

YAM rewards are issued to winners of the Political Trivia Pursuit. $50 1st; $35 2nd; $15 3rd prizes provided each week.

Purpose of polling is to provide predictive-voting algorithms that act on your behalf by allocating value to those things that are important to you as a MEGAvoter. Taking your opinions allows the system know how you would vote on any allocation issues.

Political capital becomes our “consumer” dollar shared within a Cookie Jar Economy of smartphones.

Consumer Constitution

There will be 51,000 Patrons (YAM’ers) ratifying our working constitution for an algorithmically-managed Wyoming DAO LLC considered Small Street Applied- Atlanta. We support an annual group hug event every August. Your Voice. Your Choice becomes a consumer demand.

Patron memberships are offered as actual Poll Taker positions. There are 1700 campaign kits available at a purchase price of $30. This campaign kit will produce $150 in referral bonuses being paid.

Membership hats will be distributed to the first 15,000 Patrons considered Founders. Founders will be assembled into 30-member groups with 5 color-based “talking points” assignments. All MEGAvoters ($1) or participants will be “waitlisted” until membership hats arrive. Receiving membership hat initiates active Patron status.

Participation Requirements

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“Smartphone” economy that demonstrates Cookie Jar E-kidnomics requires every MEGAvoter Fan and Poll Work Influencer to create a unique ID or QR Tiger dynamic v-card. Scroll down to Register for a free account to begin making cookie dough. Provide your short-URL to your membership profile.