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Let’s Achieve World Peace

World Peace

World Profits for Peace Initiative 

To obtain “World Peace” is going to take some real effort on everyone’s part. There needs to be a roadmap or vision in place that allows for a flexible everchanging paradigm shift to occur effectively. Consensus becomes something everyone begins to understand. Coming together once a year for a group hug supporting “World Peace” seems possible if we organize this annual event. Détente 2.0 begins.

World Peace project that brings people together one time a year to distribute a new form of “Venmo” money that we can all share. Détente 2.0 efforts begin to ease the tensions between Russia and USA.

Political capital is raised. Surveys are completed. Poll Takers “YAM-is-ON” delivery service begins as OCR-label scanning app that delivers profit-sharing allocations to Détente 2.0 campaign Poll Takers.  Organizing begins with a survey of Top 10 Political Issues and their priorities being used to place like minded people together. It is a grassroots approach to connecting as humans. Demonstrating a willingness to gather once a year in support of world peace. Détente 2.0.

Make Everyone Great Again (MEGA) is a political fundraising organization sponsoring the upcoming Détente 2.0 group hug event. Fundraising involves political surveys and YAM awareness. “YAM-is ON” delivery stickers indicate profits are shared by our group of YAM campaigners or YAM’ers. It is an example of an old-fashioned family “cookie jar” or “world savings” plan.

Détente 2.0 stickers cost $.30 each and deliver a $.60 rebate in YAM. To understand YAM, you must complete (3) YAM Quizzes. Also, you must attend (4) town hall meetings on organizing this inaugural group hug event on August 11, 2023. Doing so, you become certified “YAM’ers” and authorized to make “YAM-is-ON” sticker purchases. You are also provided a political “Détente 2.0 World Peace” campaign button that indicates to everyone that you know what YAM is, and how it works. It is politics and money or political capital for disaster relief.

Every month as a Poll Taker you receive first time or referral bonuses for registered MEGAvoters. After that you receive $.03 YAM a month Poll Taker referral bonus per MEGAvoter until profit-sharing expiration on 12/31/2030. Poll Takers receive as much as $10 per MEGAvoter bonus with initial Patron Membership or merchandise purchased. Learn and earn YAM political capital as Your Voice in politics and money. Onboarding here.

You must locate a Poll Station or Poll Taker capable of allowing you to post your priorities rank in our Top 10 Political Issues survey. This should be completed during your Political Party onboarding scan. Let’s find a like-minded group for you to work with now. Welcome MEGAvoter! Political Capitalist.

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YAM DAO LLC will be an algorithmically conducted Wyoming DAO LLC. The primary purpose of the DAO algorithm is to manage the “thread of the spread” between Bitcoin Satoshi and Vietnamese Dong (VND). Also known as consumer demand.

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