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Earn 7% political cash back incentive

There are two membership classes, non-voting and voting, considered. Consumers are “MEGAvoters” or “Leaders” interested in supporting world peace initiatives by attending an annual group hug event each August. They are non-voting members who make an annual $12 pledge to our Détente 2.0 campaign. They receive 7% cash back along with 50% ($5) for every MEGA product purchased. They do not participate in the distribution of campaign merchandise or resource allocation. They carry no vote in our cooperative management.

“MEGAvoter” or “Leader” status does allow for YAM based rewards and incentives to be distributed. Unique identifying credentials (QR Tiger v-card) link are required. Individual platform registrations are required for both Leader and Patron positions. Patrons require an additional purchase and distribution platform registration (Precoro and Amazon Business). Only PayPal/Venmo payments are accepted for all Patron Organizing Communities (POC) activities. POC promote Détente 2.0 and YAM Trading events and opportunities.

Patrons are members who contribute $30 monthly (annual maximum of $365) to become a cooperative stakeholder. Eventually forming a Limited Cooperative Association (LCA) entitled “Bounty for Inspirational Services” (BIS 2.0). A formal LCA Member Treasury is established. The purpose of this organization is to plan and implement a 10-year renewable currency (YAM) by May 17, 2030 (MMXXX). This is a community, or cooperative, currency. YAM purpose embodies the hearts of steelworkers in Mariupol, Ukraine in 2022 during the Russian invasion.

Patrons allocate resources based upon the “Peace Pentagon” of planning, budget, media, distribution and membership sectors. Every Patron member is assigned to one of these sectors and is responsible for decision-making within this MEGAvoters allocation of resources. Promoting world peace through political fundraising efforts to deliver Détente 2.0 campaign merchandise and services.

There is a “one vote: one share” ownership stake in our Member Treasury. This Member Treasury is considered our global “Cookie Jar”. Similar in nature to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS 1.0). The more “dough” you put in, the more cookies you receive within a system of rewards and incentives. Every 10-years this reward system resets. 99% of all holdings are distributed to individuals completely based upon participation (money in, money out). The final 1% is considered residual Member Treasury stakes and is distributed evenly to all Patrons as stakeholders.

The number of these stakeholders can never exceed world population.Patrons receive 1099 PATR and 1099-K earnings distributions statements on September 1st. Earnings are delivered to Patrons via YAM Trading activities a.k.a. “Dong Trading”. Distributed values are based upon a 21,000 to 1 rewards ratio within a “2:6:8 correlation” that exists within all trading algorithms. Redemption of YAM Trading cash back incentives determine reported income values.

At dissolution on 12/31/2030, Member Treasury (BIS 2.0) trading ceases operations and all assets and materials are liquidated. Proceeds (1%) from the dissolution creates a “renewal” or “hard fork” residual reserve for our next decade (10-years) of financing. Small Street Applied, Atlanta takes root. Millennials unite. Our smartphone economy is born. Our global “Cookie Jar” economy rules. Leaders celebrate.

On May 17, 2030 the “Millennial Seed is Planted”. “Genesis block” established. Freedom flourishes.


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“Smartphone” economy that demonstrates Cookie Jar E-kidnomics requires every MEGAvoter Fan and Poll Work Influencer to create a unique ID or QR Tiger dynamic v-card. Scroll down to Register for a free account to begin making cookie dough. Provide your short-URL to your membership profile.