“Chase the Dream” World Peace Initiative

Today, our two-party system is broken. Democrats and Republicans can be no further apart on what is best for America. Billions of dollars and countless hours spent wasted on “finger pointing” in blaming what is wrong with our country and economy. Revenge politics has taken center stage. We can fix this situation.
“Chase the Dream” involves a platform for change in Libertarian party politics. There are four distinct pillars for this change. World Peace Initiatives, War on Pollution, Banking Reform, and #Voterspending become our “Power to the People” foundation. This is disruptive in nature. However, nothing will change if we continue doing the same things over and over again. Our two-party political system is broken. Status quo has got to go.
“Make America Great Again” (MAGA) is replaced by “Make Everyone Great Again” (MEGA). Voters (Pioneers) and consumers take control of our global economy, not corporations and politicians. Political capital becomes a cash back fundraising adventure. A new “currency” is created under a “Your Voice, Your Choice” voting rights platform.
#Voterspending is captured and utilized in a manner that promotes Libertarian principles. People, not governments, should determine how our free markets system operates. Control should be at the polls, individual voting rights reign supreme. Today, this consensus becomes possible with technologies and mobile devices in our hands. Smartphones become our instrument for true change. Let’s explore this change.

Détente 2.0: World Peace Initiative

Annual Group Hug events held each August. Cornerstone of our World Peace movement is to gather once a year to celebrate our commitment to a world free from war. In theory, if we can gather 51% of the population to support this concept, a majority of our political capital wins elections worldwide. Libertarians take control of Détente 2.0 initiatives.

“War on Pollution” Consideration

When “Not at War”, we should consider re-purposing our military. Protect our environment. Heroes for fighting pollution, climate change disasters, and global supply issues. We have the manpower and resources to make our military servants to our needs as a global community. Saving lives, freedoms, and our free enterprise system from our military industrial complex “hell-bent” on capturing the world.

Banking Reform

Banks are corporations, so is our Federal Reserve system. Reforming our financial system into a cooperative rather than corporate system is easy to do. Simply “mirror” our financial structure in an algorithm based upon the concept of a 10-year renewable currency. Show “how money works” by developing a global “Cookie Jar Economy”


#Voterspending becomes a thing. “Your Voice, Your Choice” provides a voting rights platform for voters and consumers to control the allocation of resources and rewards. Operating under a “one vote: one share” cooperative system to ensure equal rights regardless of wealth or influence. A new “gig” economy based upon participation balances income inequality.
Take the next step. Become a MEGAvoter (Pioneer) by supporting Libertarian party fundraising. Commit to an annual group hug event for world peace ($12 entry fee). Become a MEGAvoter “Pioneer” and receive at least 7% cash back rewards in micro-pennies called “YAM” (Your Assets Move). This creates political capital by demonstrating “how money works” within global trading algorithms. Patron membership provides stakeholder rights based upon participation and a $30 monthly (max $360 annual) subscription.
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“Smartphone” economy that demonstrates Cookie Jar E-kidnomics requires every MEGAvoter Fan and Poll Work Influencer to create a unique ID or QR Tiger dynamic v-card. Scroll down to Register for a free account to begin making cookie dough. Provide your short-URL to your membership profile.